We're moving to monthly releases

Nathan Thomas
20th August 2021
3 minutes

Our priority is ensuring our customers can deliver a great workplace experience for their employees. Part of this is ensuring you're able to predict and plan; for this reason, we're formalising our monthly feature releases!

What does this mean?

We'll be providing more visibility into what we plan to release and in which month we'll be targeting the end of the month for each feature release on all platforms. From this, you'll be able to gain early access to features using Spaces Next and plan accordingly for each release.

What does this include?

All of our platforms will move to the same release schedule, including;

  • Our web app
  • Our Android & iOS app
  • Our Smart Displays App

What are the downsides?

Sometimes we run out of time and may not get a feature into a release. Unfortunately, this will lead to it taking a little longer to reach our live environment.

How will we know?

We're improving our feature release communication, and you'll receive multiple communications on features with our What's new with RICOH Spaces emails. You can also find release notes at https://get.ricohspaces.com/releases.

What if there is something important?

Our release schedule is for feature releases only. We'll still be releasing non-feature related releases if there are bugs or other improvements to ensure we always provide the best service possible. We'll still have release notes for any interim release.

How do I get involved?

Our Spaces Next experience is the best way of being in the loop with what's coming next and trying it first. You can also see a comprehensive roadmap, subscribe to updates and submit new ideas on our public roadmap https://portal.productboard.com/ricohspaces/1-ricoh-spaces-roadmap/tabs/5-up-next

Written by
Nathan Thomas
Head of Product
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