Service Requests

Flexible service requests to streamline your business processes. Create and manage service requests, decide what information you capture and which options are available when requested.

Automated notifications to service request managers reduce wasted time and enables effortless management through to completion directly in the platform. Request lunch, travel, drinks, cleaning and more.

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Fully customisable service requests to suit your business needs.

  • Create your own service request with flexible form builder
  • Unlimited custom-built service requests such as cleaning, food, parking and more
  • Assign and restrict services to particular spaces
  • Add Service Request Managers for automated notification and management to completion


Reduce wasted time by removing manual process in your business with seamless service requests to provide an integrated booking experience.

  • Easy view space availability on visual floor plans
  • Full schedule view with custom booking experience
  • Fully integrated room panel options
  • Easy sync with Microsoft Teams Room devices
  • Pre-book visitors and request services in advance


Enhance and automate your business process further.

  • Schedule automated actions such as “Create new cleaning request after space has been used more than once”
  • Integrate with third party ticket management systems such as ServiceNow and others
  • Provide notifications of service requests directly in Microsoft Teams


Your services, your way. Getting started is easy.

  • Battery Powered or PoE options
  • Under desk, in room and ceiling sensors
  • Vision/Occupancy Sensors
  • CO2, Humidity and Temperature Sensors
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