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We’ve seen a dramatic change to how customers would like to manage space. ​Employers are now responsible for demonstrating that they are keeping their employees safe and doing everything they can to help with the long-term conditions they will be facing over the coming months and possibly years.​

This has led to us adapting and adding new features to our roadmap to enable our customers transition to the new normal.

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We’ve expanded our fully customisable floor plans to provide simple and easy management of your desk space allowing you to plan your office capacity and attendance in advance.

  • Enable or disable desks for booking​
  • Assign desks to people or groups​
  • Set policies such as “desk assignment mandatory for booking”


Approve access to your workplace locations in a consistent and controlled way with flexible access surveys.​

  • Easy view space availability on visual floor plans
  • Full schedule view with custom booking experience
  • Fully integrated room panel options
  • Easy sync with Microsoft Teams Room devices
  • Pre-book visitors and request services in advance


Empower your business to make data driven decisions and keep employees safe with health status management and traceability reporting.

  • Customisable health status with employee opt-in/opt allows for consistent reporting and process​
  • Traceability score rating based on booking data to understand employee risk


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  • Battery Powered or PoE options
  • Under desk, in room and ceiling sensors
  • Vision/Occupancy Sensors
  • CO2, Humidity and Temperature Sensors
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