Internet of Things

Add the latest IoT sensor technology to your business to gain detailed, real-time data about your spaces.

The data is integrated directly into your workplace reporting providing insights such as comparisons of booked vs actual trends and trends over time. There is a huge range of possibilities and we can tailor them to your needs.

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Ricoh can offer a wide range of IoT options utilising our strong partnerships with key vendors in the marketplace. There is no one size fits all, our experts will tailor to your needs.

  • Expert advice and guidance on IoT options to suit your needs
  • Installation or self install options available
  • Seamless integration to the platform
  • Consultancy, training and support available


IoT integrates right to the heart of RICOH Spaces.

  • Easy view space availability on visual floor plans
  • Full schedule view with custom booking experience
  • Fully integrated room panel options
  • Easy sync with Microsoft Teams Room devices
  • Pre-book visitors and request services in advance


With integration to O365 we can provide you with the expected usage of your workplace. With IoT we can confirm it.

  • How are your desks, rooms and spaces used in comparison to booked data?
  • Are meetings booked for longer than required on average?
  • Are spaces booked efficiently? Are 2 people meeting in a 10 capacity room?


We have a full team of workplace experts on hand to guide you.

  • Battery Powered or PoE options
  • Under desk, in room and ceiling sensors
  • Vision/Occupancy Sensors
  • CO2, Humidity and Temperature Sensors
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