Terms & Policies

Effective as of October 1, 2022

Third-Party Subprocessors

Ricoh and its affiliates engage the third-party entities in the table below to perform limited activities connected to RICOH Spaces Services. The table shows each entity's activity and indicates if an entity is only relevant to a specific Service or Region. In addition, more information about each activity is provided directly below, which also describes the limited processing of Customer Data the entity is authorised to perform.

We perform diligence to evaluate their privacy, security and confidentiality practices, and we execute an agreement implementing applicable obligations to ensure, if applicable, that such Subprocessor is storing and processing Personal Data in conformance with our privacy and security obligations.

As our business grows and evolves, the Subprocessors we engage may also change. We will notify you in writing of any additional or replacement Subprocessors.

Google Cloud Platform



Country where processing is performed

Cloud hosting provider for databases, service hosting and reporting
Defined by customers hosting region
Database provider
Defined by customers hosting region
Mixpanel Analytics
Product behaviour analytics
Customer support centre
Internal product communications
Google Analytics
Anonymous usage statistics
Email provider

Personal Data - The Basics

Personal Data

We collect personal information in order to support the functionality within the platform. We will use all the personal information we collect to monitor and improve the Service and our business, including for the purposes of detecting and preventing fraud or crime. We also use the personal information we collect to help us develop new products and services. We may anonymise and aggregate any of the information we collect so that it does not directly identify you. We may use anonymised information for purposes that include testing our IT systems, research, data analysis, improving the Service and developing new products and features.

Automatically Collected Data About Service Use

We and our third-party service providers may collect certain types of usage information when you visit our service, read our emails, or otherwise engage with us. In some instances, we and our third-party service providers may combine this usage information with other personal information. This is to ensure we can provide the best service possible and continuously improve our application based on usage data. This data might also include based system information about your device.

Information Data

‍Optionally within our service, you have the ability to share location data, this will not be stored within our service and is used to ensure we’re showing you the most relevant information and providing functions that are appropriate to your location such as location-based desk check-in. We may use an approximate location to ensure content on the Service is relevant to the city, state or country you are using your device in, to monitor and improve the Service and our procedures and processes, and to help us develop new products and features.

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