Room Management

Effortless booking wherever you are with full web schedule view, interactive floor plan, mobile application and room panel options.

With seamless integrations to the wider Smart Spaces platform, managing your meeting becomes simple and wasted time is reduced. It’s not just meeting rooms that benefit, other spaces such as public spaces or collaboration areas can also be managed and integrated into the platform.

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Simple and effective management of your meeting rooms and spaces.

  • Sync with your Office 365 resources and calendar
  • Create and manage non-O365 spaces such as public spaces
  • Enhance your booking experience by adding your space amenities, images and capacity
  • Set flexible booking policies to suit your business


Quick & easy space booking via the Android & iOS apps, using the interactive floor plans or even directly via room panels on the day.

  • Easy view space availability on visual floor plans
  • Full schedule view with custom booking experience
  • Fully integrated room panel options
  • Easy sync with Microsoft Teams Room devices
  • Pre-book visitors and request services in advance


Understand how your spaces are used with our advanced space reporting and IoT integration options.

  • Utilisation and trend reporting
  • Multiple IoT integration options available to provide real time availability of spaces
  • IoT driven policies and automations available


Quick and easy implementation guided by a team of workplace experts.

  • Battery Powered or PoE options
  • Under desk, in room and ceiling sensors
  • Vision/Occupancy Sensors
  • CO2, Humidity and Temperature Sensors
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