The journey of Digital Signage in the COVID-19 era

By Kiren Dosanjh
3rd June 2021
5 Minutes

Digital signage is everywhere, its used in shops, restaurants, airports, offices, and many other places. The use case for digital signage is broad which is what makes it popular in so many industries. Shops use signage to upsell and advertise. Airports use signage to share information. Restaurants use signage to display menus and lure you in with great food content.  

Many of these scenarios are familiar to most of us but the future of Digital Signage has been underestimated. We are seeing more and more organisations adopting Digital Signage since COVID-19.

We are in partnership with ScreenCloud, a Digital Signage company who provides powerful and innovative Signage solutions, enabling businesses to remotely share key content on screens, whenever or wherever they are.  

ScreenCloud is one of the most sought out companies in the industry with an array of APP integrations, an easy-to-use content management system and the ability to share live broadcasts. To top it all off, they’re SOC 3 Compliant.

With Digital Signage becoming increasingly popular we are seeing many organisations adopting the signage method to ensure a safer return to work. It’s a fast and easy way to deliver messaging, post updates and display navigations to encourage social distancing.  

RICOH Spaces incorporates Digital Signage through the Smart Displays Wayfinding module. Wayfinding provides real-time information on desk occupancy and availability, along with interactive floorplans. With this functionality you are in control of where you choose to place yourself, allowing you to feel safe and avoid overcrowding.  

Digital Signage has a future with no bounds, an article written by Dave Haynes draws on how COVID-19 has shaped Digital Signage. Now we are seeing more and more organisations invest and develop unthinkable solutions, like AI and facial recognition to detect people who are and aren’t wearing face makes, it’s time to recognise the future of Digital Signage.

To find out more about RICOH Spaces Signage + ScreenCloud please visitor the ScreenCloud Enterprise Site

Written by
By Kiren Dosanjh
Product Manager
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