Zone booking - The new collaborative tool

By Kiren Dosanjh
1st June 2021
5 Minutes

RICOH Spaces is excited to introduce Zone Booking. A new and innovative way to book a space through your RICOH Spaces Mobile and Web Application.

Zone booking was designed to bring organisations the flexibility to implement how teams use and occupy spaces. There are numerous ways a zone can be managed, giving it the agility to fit many use cases within an organisation. It’s proven to be a great hit with companies returning to the office after Covid-19.

The capacity within a zone can be set and controlled by an organisation’s admin user, giving them the ability to restrict the amount of people in one place at any given time. This ensures the health and safety of colleagues returning to the office. Zones can contain bookable and non-bookable entities, which is what makes them so great.

If a Zone contains bookable entities, such as desks, then organisations can choose how those desks are booked. There are two options; a desk can be assigned to you at the point of booking (Desk on booking), so you’ll know exactly which desk you’ll be sitting at, on the day you book. However, if your organisation opts for Desk on Arrival, then you won’t be given a desk number at the point of booking, instead you can scan yourself into any unoccupied desk when you arrive in the Zone, on the day of your booking. In these cases, the early bird catches the worm, so get yourself into the office bright and early for the best seat in the house!

If there are no bookable entities in a Zone, then you can book or occupy a capacity within a Zone (It not as complicated as it sounds, we promise!) We have come across a few scenarios where Capacity Zone Booking within an organisation has allowed for a safe return to work. A capacity within a Zone can be monitored in two ways; through sensors or through the number of people who can book and check into a Zone. Setting a capacity limit means overcrowding is avoidable, Zones cannot be booked if the capacity is reached. If sensors are installed within your Zone, then we will feed live data to the Zone card (see image below) so you know how many people are occupying that Zone at any given time.

We have a lot of great articles you can read here to get you started with Zone booking.

Written by
By Kiren Dosanjh
Product Manager
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